Robert Lundgren, born in Trollhättan, Sweden, started playing the piano when he was six years old and has since had a great passion for music and composition. He developed his huge interest for technology and computer based composition and production as soon as he got his hands on the available tools back in the nineties. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, guitar, bass and drums. In 2008, he founded the sound and music company ADUNION Audio Works. The work has been a mixture of TV-shows, short films, adverts, documentaries, feature films and video games. Some of them which have been screened on film festivals and TV world wide. Robert is currently residing in Gothenburg, Sweden.







Short Films:

Ingen Riktig Tjej (2006) – by Pia Tjäder

Att Skjuta en Mås (2006)  – by Pia Tjäder

Svarttaxi/Illegal Taxi (2010) – by Adi & Mak Omanovic

Före Finalen/Fuck Fair Play (2012) – by Adi & Mak Omanovic

2 Juggar (short film series 2012 -) by Adi & Mak Omanovic

Trappan (2014) – by Adi & Mak Omanovic


Feature Films:

En Sjel For Mye (2014) – by Anders Petterøe

Krigarnas Ö/The Name of the Game – by Emil Jonsvik (2015)


Documentary series:

Faces & Places – by Ella Kalogritsa/NTDTV Nordic (2011)


TV shows:

Øisteins Blyant/Learn to draw (2009-2011)

Øisteins Blyant ABC/Learn to draw ABC (2013)

Øisteins Pappeske/Box Yourself (2013-)

Learn to Draw Minis (2014)

Box Yourself Minis (2015)


Music for trailers:

LIFE – The life of James Dean (movie)

AMC – TV Network, various trailers.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Cinematic reveal trailer


Music and Audio for games:

Landit Bandit PlayStation 3 game (2010)

Star Crunch Mobile game (2014)

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden PC/Playstation/XboxOne game (2018)


Advertising, event and corporate film (2008 – ) :

Gothenburg Horse Show



Linköping University



…and more…

For more info and work samples, see: www.adunion.se


Indie Pop Band:

Sparse (band member, producer)